Terms and Conditions For Online-Payments

Terms and Conditions For Online-Payments

1. If a customer makes an online payment through us, we will guarantee the payment to the concerned organization. And within 7 working days of receiving the service, I will deliver the payment due to the concerned organization. In this case, the concerned organization will be obliged to provide the service.

2. If a customer makes a counter payment to the organization by booking through us. In this case the concerned organization shall be obliged to pay us the due payment within seven days.

3. If a customer makes online payment and booking. Then if for any reason he cancels his booking, he will get his money back within seven days of cancellation of booking.

4. There is no refund after taking the service.

5. Only he take service whose name the booking will be made can take the service.

6. If the booking needs to be cancelled, it must be done 48 hours in advance.

7. Muskilashan is only a medium, if there is any service related issue, then you have to talk to the concerned organization. Muskilashan is not responsible in any way in that case.

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